The Sahih Muslim Hadiths

July 2004 version


To Sunni Muslims, the most important and authoritative religious writings after the Qur’an are the six major collections of hadiths, purportedly recording the words and actions of Mohammed. These form the basis for Sharia, or Muslim law, which many want instituted in Islamic countries today. Sahih Muslim is the second most authoritative set (after Bukhari). It is a collection of 7,190 hadiths by Imam Muslim, who died in 875 A.D. Here are some interesting parts.


The Importance of the Hadiths

"This part of the hadith is clearly indicative of the fact that the Hadith is the indispensable key to the correct understanding of the Holy Qur-an, because as the bearer of Revelation, the Holy Prophet was best fitted and, therefore, divinely authorized to interpret and explain the implication of the Holy Qur’an."

Sahih Muslim vol.1 p.72 footnote


A Lost Sura of the Qur’an

Abu Harb b. Abu al-Aswad reported on the authority of his father that Abu Musa al-Ash’ari said: "…We used to recite a Sura which resembled in length and severity to (Sura) Bara’at. I have, however, forgotten it with the exception of this which I remember out of it: ‘If there were two valleys full of riches for the son of Adam, he would long for a third valley, and nothing would fill the stomach of the son of Adam but dust.’ And we used to so recite a Sura which resembled one of the suras of Musabbihat, and I have forgotten it, but remember (this much) out of it: ‘O people who believe, why do you say that which you do not practice’ (lxi 2.) and ‘that is recorded in your necks as a witness (against you) and you would be asked about in on the Day of Resurrection’" (xvii. 13). Sahih Muslim vol.2:2286 p.500,501

Note that there was much more than this, but the rest of the Sura was forgotten.

Devotion to Mohammed

Nothing in Sahih Muslim says that Mohammed was to be worshipped, but they had a very high opinion of Mohammed. One spurious hadith even claimed that Mohammed’s bowel movements had a good smell, but Imam Muslim and other collectors rejected this hadith Nevertheless, the following were all hadiths accepted in the Sahih Muslim.

Mohammed’s Special Body: His body gave off a special coolness or fragrance, as of a scent bag of a perfumer, according to Sahih Muslim vol.4:5758 (p.1247). Also he had fragrant skin in al-Tabari vol.6 p.80. Mohammed was the most handsome person they had seen, according to Sahih Muslim vol.4:5770-5772,5777 (p.1249)

Collecting Mohammed’s Hair: When Mohammed got his hair cut, his companions wanted to catch every lock to preserve it. Mohammed generously had it distributed among the people. Sahih Muslim vol.2:2991-2994 p.656-657

Harvesting Mohammed’s Sweat: Anas bin Malik reported that his mother, Umm Salaim would take Mohammed’s sweat and put it in a bottle to be used to make a most fragrant perfume. (Sahih Muslim vol.4:5761 (p.1247). The next hadith, 5762 said that Mohammed asked what she was doing. When she explained, he said, "You have done something right." The next hadith, 5763 said the Umm Salaim would put down a cloth that Mohammed could take a nap on to collect the sweat on the cloth.

Mohammed Had High Self Esteem

"I shall be the leader of mankind on the Day of Resurrection." People would look for someone to intercede for them before Allah. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus would all decline because of their faults. Jesus would suggest they go to Mohammed, and then Mohammed will call out to God. Sahih Muslim vol.1:378 p.129-132. See also vol.1:381 p.133.

Mohammed said Satan could not impersonate him, so dreams of Mohammed are always of him. vol.4:5635-5639 p.1225-1226. Also Bukhari vol.8:217 p.139-140.


But Allah Can Come in a Deceiving Shape

Sahih Muslim vol.1:349 p.115 "…Allah would then come to them in a form other than His own Form, recognizable to them, and would say: I am your Lord. They would say: We take refuge with Allah from thee…." See also Bukhari vol.8:577 p.375; Bukhari vol.9:532 p.395-396.

Muslims Have High Self Esteem

"Where there is Islam, there is naturally no scope of Satan to penetrate and exercise its influence. It must fly from that place." Sahih Muslim translated by ‘Abdul Hamid Siddiqi vol.1 p.210 footnote.

Moses and Boxing Angels

"Abu Huraira reported that the Angel of Death was sent to Moses (peace be upon him) to inform of his Lord’s summons. When he came, he (Moses) boxed him and his eye was knocked out. He (the Angel of Death) came back to the Lord and said: You sent me to a servant who did not want to die. Allah restored his eye, …" Sahih Muslim vol.4:5851 (p.1264)

Moses was normal in some ways though. Some would see it as rather silly that Allah took Moses’ clothes so that he had to chase after them. This was to prove to the people that Moses was an ordinary male, without Moses purposely being immodest. Sahih Muslim vol.1:669 p.193

Sharia Courtesy to Non-Muslims

Sahih Muslim vol.3:5389,5390 p.1185 says, "Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Do not greet the Jews and Christians before they greet you and when you meet any one of them on the roads force him to go to the narrowest part of it."

This might sound rude, so footnote 2559 on the same page explains the reason. "The idea behind it is not to torture them or to put them to unnecessary trouble but to provide them a safe way in the throng of the Muslim travelers. It should, however, be borne in mind that this command does not imply that the Christians and the Jews should be forced to abandon streets and roads and thus walk by the side of the walls of houses or narrow paths. What this implies is that they should walk on the road away from the Multitude of the Muslims, lest any harm should come to them."

Abrogated Verses of the Qur’an

"Anas said : Allah the Exalted and Great revealed (a verse) regarding those who were killed at Bi’r Ma’dna, and we recited it, till it was abrogated later on (and the verse was like this): ‘Convey to it our people the tidings that we have met our Lord, and He was pleased with us and we were pleased with Him.’" Sahih Muslim vol.1:1433 (p.329-330). The footnote on page 330 says "this was revealed in a particular context and it was substituted by so many other verses having the same meaning but far wider implications:" See also the History of al-Tabari vol.7 p.156.

This is an important hadith because rather than showing verses of the Qur’an are still there but not applicable because they were abrogated, the verse was actually changed. So, if there is a pure Qur’an on a tablet in Heaven (Sura 85:20-22), does it have the original wording or the new wording? If it has the new wording, then the original wording was not a part of the tablet in Heaven. Thus, certain parts of the Qur’an on earth were falsely thought to be part of the tablet of the Qur’an in Heaven.

Some Hadiths were abrogated, according to the titles in Sahih Muslim vol.1:682 p.195-197

Veils and Women in Islam

What Sahih Muslim says about women in Islam will be discussed in more detail in What Islam Really Says About Women. Here are a few brief points though.

* Veils for required for all Muslim women Sahih Muslim vol.2 book 7 no.2789 p.606-607.

* Veils are not required for slave women Sahih Muslim vol.2 book 8 no.3325,3328 p.721-722

* When Mohammed "took" Safiyah, the other Muslims waited to see if he would have her be veiled to see if she was going to be a regular wife, versus either a concubine or a "sex captive". He had her veiled, and made here a regular wife. Bukhari vol.4:143 p.92

* Mohammed himself once deliberately struck ‘Aisha "on the chest which caused me pain", according to Sahih Muslim vol.2:2127 p.462.

* No birth control Sahih Muslim vol.1 footnote 208 p.66

* Sex with captive women is fine, according to Sahih Muslim vol.2:3371-3374 p.732-733

* The bulk of people in Hell are women. Sahih Muslim vol.1:143 p.47-48.

* Disrobing captives OK Sahih Muslim vol.3:4345 p.953

* No birth control (according to the translator) Sahih Muslim vol.1 footnote 208 p.66

* A Muslim capturing a non-Muslim woman abrogates the previous marriage of the captive woman (regardless of her consent) Sahih Muslim vol.2:3432 p.743

Muslims and War

What Sahih Muslim says about women in Islam will be discussed in more detail in Is Islam: Peaceful or Warlike?. Here are a few brief points.

"It has been narrated on the authority of ‘Abdullah b. ‘Umar that the Messenger of Allah said I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish prayer, and pay Zakat…" Sahih Muslim vol.1:33 p.17. See also vol.1:32 p.17.

* Mohammed attacked an unsuspecting tribe at dawn Sahih Muslim vol.1:745 p.209

* If a Muslim died and they did not fight on the way of Allah (Jihad), then they died the death of a hypocrite Sahih Muslim vol.3:4696 p.1057

* Mohammed wanted to make offensive [military] threats against the Christians of Arabia in Syria and Rome. Sahih Muslim vol.4:6670 p.1445

* Ibn Shihab was shunned because he did not go to war Sahih Muslim vol.4:6670 p.1445-1447

War Booty

* One-fifth of all war booty goes to the treasury and Mohammed could partake of that. Sahih Muslim vol.2:2347,2348 vol.2 footnote 1463 p.519

* Mohammed gave gifts to polytheists of the spoils of war to induce (bribe) them to become Muslims. Sahih Muslim vol.2:2300-2309 p.504-507; vol.2:2313 p.510

* Mohammed’s face turned red when someone said gifts to polytheists was not what Allah wanted. Sahih Muslim vol.2:2325 p.509

Muslim Magic

Husain bin ‘Abd al-Rahman was stung by a scorpion, and practiced a charm. He did this based on a hadith. "The charm is of no avail except in the case of the (evil influence) of an eye or the sting of a scorpion." (Sahih Muslim vol.1:625 p.141)

"…The influence of the evil eye is a fact." Sahih Muslim vol.3:5426 p.1192. See also al-Tabari vol.39 p.134

Mohammed gave the Ansar people an incantation for remove the poison of scorpion stings. Sahih Muslim vol.3:5442-5444,5448 p.1192,1196

Mohammed gave A’isha an incantation to cure the evil eye Sahih Muslim vol.3:5445,5447-5450 p.1196

Legalism In Islam

You have to take off your shoes in a specific order. Sahih Muslim vol.3:5231 p.1154

Do not drink while standing, unless it is Zamzam water. Sahih Muslim vol.3:5014-5027 no. p.1116-1118

Mohammed taught it is healthier and more wholesome to breathe exactly three times (or three gulps) in the course of a drink. Sahih Muslim vol.3:5029-5031 p.1118

After eating you should not wipe your hand until you have either licked your fingers or given them to someone else to lick. Sahih Muslim vol.3:5037-5042 no. p.1119-1120. See also Abu Dawud vol.3:3838 p.1081.

There is much argument over how many prayers and their length. Sahih Muslim vol.1:1166-1184 p.284-286

Spit to the left, not the right Sahih Muslim vol.4:7149b p.1546

Loopholes: For teenage boy to be around a woman not in his family, he can drink a mother’s milk and get around restrictions. Sahih Muslim vol.2:3424-3427 no. p.741

"Shuraih b. Hani said: I came to A’isha to ask her about wiping over the socks [for cleaning]. She said: You better ask (‘Ali) son of Abu Talib for he used to travel with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him). We asked him and he said: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) stipulated (the upper limit) of three days and three nights for a traveler and one day and one night and one night for the resident." Sahih Muslim vol.1:537 p.165

Yet Sahih Muslim vol.1 footnote 479 p.162 claims, "Islam does not inflict rigorous rules in anything. In Wudu or ablution, the concession of wiping over the socks has been granted in order to provide relief to the people."

Why so many laws? Sahih Muslim vol.3 footnote 2434 p.1115-1116 explains it for us. "It is sometimes argued as to what use is there for following the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) even in such insignificant matters as eating with the right hand or drinking water while sitting, etc. These people little realize that these minor details of the life of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) provide the system of laws and rules of conduct which pervade the life of a Muslim from birth to the moment of death and regulate his behaviour throughout his existence in this world. These minor details in fact train the minds of people in a methodical way to live permanently in a state of consciousness, wakefulness and self-control."

The translator is aware of the similarities of the Pharisees, but says later in the same footnote, "…The real objective of the Sunnah is not, as our antagonistic critics presume, the breeding of Pharisees and dry formalists, but of conscious, determined, deep-hearted men of action. Men and women of such a style were the Companions of the Prophet…."

Study of Climate in the Hadiths

"Abu Huraira reported : The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: The Fire made a complaint before the Lords saying: ‘O Lord, some parts of mine have consumed others.’ So it was allowed to take two exhalations, one exhalation in winter and the other exhalation in summer. That is why you find extreme heat (in summer) and extreme cold (in winter). Sahih Muslim vol.1:1290 p.302.

Insults and Lies About Jews and Christians, and General Anti-Semitism

The Jews called ‘Uzair [Ezra], son of Allah. Sura 9:30, Sahih Muslim vol.1:352 p.117, Bukhari vol.9:532 p.395; vol.6:105 p.86. They worshipped Ezra according Bukhari vol.1 p.xvii and vol.6:105 p.86

"Had not been for banu Isra’il [Israel], food would not become stale, and meal would not have gone bad;…" Sahih Muslim vol.2:3472 p.753

Abu Huraira reported that rats are the metamorphosis of some Jews. The proof is that rats will drink goat milk but not camel’s milk. Mohammed showed he knew the Torah forbade camel meat. Sahih Muslim vol.4:7135 p.1541.

Jews and Christians go to hellfire in place of Muslims. Sahih Muslim vol.4:6665 p.1444.

"The Christians … asserted that the Holy Ghost has incarnated Himself in the person of Jesus Christ." Sahih Muslim translation vol.1 p.127 footnote.

"…The Jews and Christians do not dye (their hair), so oppose them." Sahih Muslim vol.3:5245 p.1156

The Jews were ruined at the time when women wore false hair. Sahih Muslim vol.3:5306-5307 p.1166-167

"When the skin of anyone amongst the people of Israel was besmeared with urine, he cut that portion with a cutter. Hudhaifa said: I wish that your friend should not inflict such an extreme rigour." Sahih Muslim vol.1:523 p.163

"Ibn ‘Imar reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You will fight against Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me); kill him. Sahih Muslim vol.4:6981, also 6982-6983 p.1510

The Dajjal [anti-Christ] would be followed by 70,000 Jews of Isfahan wearing shawls. Sahih Muslim vol.4:7034 p.1525


Hadith scholars devote their lives to believing and propagating these things. Other Muslims, active in Indonesia, Pakistan, and many African countries, devote themselves to persuading and forcing lax Muslims to follow these. When you hear that Muslims want a country to live under "Sharia Law", this means being ruled by the hadiths and Qur’an.

Unfortunately, they are so devoted to these traditions in Islam, they have substituted following these traditions for following God. In Jesus’ time, the Pharisees had also built up a mass of traditions on top of the Bible. Jesus cut through all of that. While Jesus never sinned, Jesus deliberately flouted the Pharisee’s man-made laws on the Sabbath. God is calling all of us to break traditions that are contrary to Him, but God is also calling us to something even more.

God wants out hearts to seek after Him. Leave the false security of living selfishly constrained by rules, and give your life over to God, and His commands will give you delight as you obey them. Here is what you need to do.

Realize there is only One True God, who calls people to Himself. He loves us and commands everyone to not just to believe Him; but also to obey Him. Repent of your sins of practice, the wrong things you did and said, and the rights things you should have done but failed to do. Repent of the sins of thought. Your sins of refusing to believe the truth you had before your eyes, of trusting in what you knew deep down was false. Repent of sins of choice of choosing to continue in your own comfortable version of religious practice (or partial non-practice), instead of drawing near to God who wants to be LORD of our lives.


An on-line partial translation of Sahih Muslim is at

The Holy Qur-an : English translation of the meanings and Commentary. Translated by ‘Abdullah Yusuf ‘Ali. Revised and edited by The Presidency of Islamic Researches, IFTA, Call and Guidance. King Fahd Holy Qur-an Printing Complex. (no date)

Sahih Muslim by Imam Muslim. Rendered into English by ‘Abdul Hamid Siddiqi. International Islamic Publishing House. (no date)

The NIV Study Bible : New International Version Zondervan Bible Publishers. 1985.

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The Sahih Muslim Hadiths - 2


There was a shade upon Mohammed’s heart. Sahih Muslim vol.4:6522 p.1418 says, "Al-Agharr al-Muzani, … reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said : There is (at times) some sort of shade upon my heart, and I seek forgiveness from Allah a hundred times a day."


When It is Forbidden to Pray to God

The ritual of prayer in Islam is very different from prayer in Christianity. It is forbidden to pray at sunset, and between the (pre-dawn) morning prayer and sunrise, according to Bukhari vol.1:558-563 (p.323-325). Muslims are not supposed to offer prayers during the time of day when the sun has a yellow hue is in Sahih Muslim vol.1:1301 vol.1 footnote 841 p.304

Prayer is prohibited after the afternoon prayer except when the sun is high. Abu Dawud vol.1:1269 p.335. Prohibited times of prayer are mentioned in Abu Dawud vol.1:1272-1273 p.336

Women are to "abandon prayer" during their time of month. Sahih Muslim vol.1:652 p.188-189, vol.1:142 (p.48) Bukhari vol.1:322 p.194, no.327 p.196; Sunan Nasa’i vol.1 no.355-361 p.281-284; vol.1 no.364-368 p.285-286

Pray, or Have Your House Burned Down

Mohammed said the prayer leader should order the houses burned down of people who missed prayer [without cause]. Sahih Muslim vol.1:1369 p.315. The later collection of Nasa’i vol.1:851 p.514 said that Mohammed thought about giving orders for that.

No Assurance of Salvation

"She (‘Ai’isha) said : Never did I see him (the Holy Prophet) afterwards but seeking refuge from the torment of the grave in prayer." Sahih Muslim vol.1:1214 p.290

Sahih Muslim vol.4:7079 p.1534 tells of two angels who had been appointed to record the deeds of a person. Muslims believe one angel records the good deeds, and the other the bad.

Sahih Muslim vol.2:2205 p.484 says, "There is never a day wherein servants (of God) get up at morn, but are not visited by two angels. One of them says : O Allah, give him more who spends (the sake of Allah), and the other says : O Allah, bring destruction to one who withholds."

Mohammed’s Temper

Mohammed cursed people because of his quick temper Sahih Muslim vol.4:6297 p.1373. "Anas b. Malik reported that there was an orphan girl with Umm Salaim (who was the mother of Anas). Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) saw that orphan girl and said: O, it is you; you have grown young. May you not advance in years! That slave-girl returned to Umm Sulaim weeping. Umm Sulaim said: O daughter, what is the matter with you? She said: Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) has invoked curse upon me that I should not grow in age and thus I would never grow in age, or she said, in my (length) of life. Umm Sulaim went out wrapping her head-dress hurriedly until she met Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him). He said to her: Umm Sulaim, what is the matter with you? She said: Allah’s Apostle, you invoked curse upon my orphan girl. He said: Umm Sulaim, what is that? She said: She (the orphan girl) states you have cursed her saying that she might not grow in age or grow in life. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) smiled and then said: Umm Sulaim, don’t you know that I have made this term [deal] with my Lord. And the term with my Lord is that I said to Him: I am a human being and I am pleased just as a human being is displeased and I lose temper just as a human being loses temper, so for any person from amongst my Umma whom I curse and he in no way deserves it, let that, O Lord, be made a source of purification and purify and nearness to (Allah) on the Day of Resurrection.

Mohammed also cursed Mu’awiya, the future caliph, because he would not stop eating and come when Mohammed sent for him. Sahih Muslim vol.4:6298 p.1373.

99 Names of God

The 99 names Muslims have for God are mentioned in Sahih Muslim vol.4:6475-6478 (p.1409-1410). A footnote gives these names, and most of them Christians would agree with: Creator, Originator, Beneficient, Bestower, Bestower/Giver, Forgiver, Forgiving, Great Forgiver, Loving, Preserver, Protector, Sustainer, the Alive, etc. Some are unusual, such as the Compeller, Distresser, Elevator, Honorer, Pleaser, Reproducer, Retarder are rather unusual. Among all these 99 names are left out some names of God in the Bible: Father, the Lord our Healer, our Rock, our Fortress.

In contrast, Sahih Muslim vol.4:6731-6732 p.1468 says it is "most irksome" that a child is attributed to Allah. Most Muslims do not know that Old Testament scriptures mentioning God as Father were found from before the time of Christ among the Dead Sea scrolls. Sura 5:46 says the Jesus "confirmed" the Torah that had come before.

Jesus is the/a Word

"…that Mohammed is His [Allah’s] servant and His messenger, that Christ is His [Allah’s] servant and the son of His slave-girl and he (Christ) is His word which He communicated to Mary and is His spirit,…"

"Jesus has been called a ‘word’ which Allah communicated to Mary, signifying the fact that he was brought into existence by the Command of Allah, without the ordinary instrumentality of a father (Badawi). If the whole universe could be brought into being by a single word of Allah and Adam could be created without the instrumentality of both father and mother, it is quite conceivable that a command of Allah can easily bring into being a man without the instrumentality of father."

(Sahih Muslim vol.1 footnote 220 p.21-22)

(Sahih Muslim vol.1 footnote p.127) also says Jesus is called "His word" in Heaven. The footnote says it means "Order of God" (i.e. directly created by God, and not logos or transmitted into flesh.)

Only Believers enter Paradise

"…Verily none but the believers would enter Paradise." (Sahih Muslim vol.1:209 p.65)

Bukhari vol.5 book 59 no.515 p.364: "Narrated Abu Huraira : … The Prophet said, "O so-and-so! Get up and make an announcement that none but a believer will enter Paradise…"


Can Islam Send Someone to Hell?

Sahih Muslim vol.1:284 p.91 says that Christians and Jews who hear of Mohammed and do not become Muslims go to Hell

"…Then the Jews would be summoned, and it would be said to them: what did you worship? They will say: We worshipped ‘Uzair [Ezekiel], son of Allah. It would be said to them: You tell a lie; Allah had never a spouse of a son. What do you want now? They would say: We feel thirsty, O our Lord! Quench our thirst. They would be directed (to a certain direction) and asked: Why don’t you go there to drink water? Then they would be pushed towards the Fire (and they would find to their great dismay that) it was but a mirage (and the raging flames of fire) would be consuming one another, and they would fall into the Fire. Then the Christians would be summoned and it would be said to them: What did you worship? They would say: We worshipped Jesus, son of Allah. It would be said to them: you tell a lie; Allah did not take for himself either a spouse or a son. Then it would be said to them: What do you want? They would say: Thirsty we are, O our Lord! Quench our thirst. They would be directed (to a certain direction) and asked: Why don’t you go there to get water? But they would be pushed and gathered together towards the Hell, which was like a mirage to them, and the flames would consume one another. They would fall into the Fire, till no one is left except he who worshipped Allah, be he pious or sinful…." (Then Allah appears to both faithful and hypocritical Muslims in a deceiving shape to expose the hypocrites. Then Allah appears to them in his true form [whatever that is]. Sahih Muslim vol.1:353 p.117.


Muslims who commit Suicide go to Hell

"…He who killed himself with a thing would be tormented on the Day of Resurrection with that very thing…." Sahih Muslim vol.1:199,201,202 p.62.

Bukhari vol.5 book 59 no.515 p.364 and vol.5:518 p.376 tell of a Muslim warrior, who was wounded seriously, so he took some arrows out of his quiver and killed himself and went to Hell.

"…When we were in the thick of battle that man fought desperately and was wounded. It was said: Messenger of Allah, the person whom you at first called as a denizen of the Fire (Hell) fought desperately and died. Upon this the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) remarked: He was doomed to the Fire (of Hell). Some men were on the verge of doubt (about his fate) when it was said that he was not dead but fatally wounded. When it was night he could not stand the (pain of his) wound and killed himself." Sahih Muslim vol.1:205 p.63

On the other hand, Sahih Muslim vol.1:211 p.66 tells of a Muslim man came to Medina, fell sick, and cut his finger joints. Blood streamed until he died. Afterwards, Tufail son of ‘Amr saw him in a dream, and he was forgiven by Allah, and his hands were wrapped.

Mohammed did not bother offering prayers for a person who had killed himself. Sahih Muslim vol.2:2133 p.464


What is Hell Like?

"Nu’man b. Bashir was delivering an address and saying: I heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say : The least suffering for the inhabitants of Hell on the Day of Resurrection would be for the man under whose soles would be places two embers and his brain would boil on account of them." (Sahih Muslim vol.1:414 p.139)


Muslim Predestined Fatalism

"…the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) came one night to see him (‘Ali) and Fatimah (the daughter of the Holy Prophet) and said: Don’t you observe (Tahajjud) prayer? I (‘Ali) said: Messenger of Allah, verily our souls are in the hands of Allah and when He wants to awaken us, He awakens us. The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) went back when I said this to him He was striking his hand on his thigh while returning, and I heard him say : Verily the man disputes with many things." Sahih Muslim vol.1:1701 p.375. (Mohammed did not approve of this, but apparently had nothing else to say.)

Also, Allah foreordained sexual sin in Bukhari vol.8:609 p.397-398.

The pens have dried and the destinies have begun to operate. Sahih Muslim vol.4:6402 and footnote 2892 p.1394.


Muslim Miscellaneous

* You can put out someone’s eye if they cast a glance in your house without your permission. Sahih Muslim vol.3:5370-5371 p.1180

* A hypocrite’s intestines will pour forth in Hell Sahih Muslim vol.4:7122 p.1539

* The devil enters when you yawn. Sahih Muslim vol.4:7130 p.1540

* Do not go to the mosque after eating garlic, onion, etc., because angels are harmed by the same things as people. Sahih Muslim vol.1 p.280

* Miracles of end times when the earth vomits out long pieces of silver Sahih Muslim vol.2:2210 p.485

* Splitting the moon during the lifetime of the prophet. Sahih Muslim vol.4:6721,6724-6730 p.1467-1468.This is also in Bukhari v.4 ch.26 and no.830 p.533; Bukhari vol.4:831 p.533; vol.4:832 p.534.

* All struck by Satan except Jesus Sahih Muslim vol.4:6429 p.1399